This blog aims to provide information and useful tips about how to safeguard your LIVER, thereby preventing Liver disease which is often silent and can strike you even before you know it. Unfortunately, with Liver diseases, you don’t know you have it, until it’s too late. This is because Liver is a forgiving organ and has a capacity to regenerate, so you may not have any symptoms in the early stage.


The reasons for finding out if the liver is healthy in apparently healthy individuals with no symptoms are cited below:

A.There is a huge burden of silent liver disease in India.

• Out of 1.2 billion people in India, at least one in 5 Indians is living with some kind of liver problem.
• 42 million people suffer from Hepatitis B (5% of the entire population in India).
• 12 million people suffer from Hepatitis C.
• Burden of Hepatitis C is twice of HIV population (more common than HIV) Both Hepatitis B and C, spread in the same way as HIV 8 million Indians are reported to have Alcohol related liver disease.
• 144 million people suffer from fatty liver disease (12 % of population).
• 1.5 million Suffer from cirrhosis of liver.
• Hepatocellular carcinoma of liver is the 4th most common cause of cancer in the world.

B.Silent Liver Disease : A Killer

• Most of these diseases including viral hepatitis B,C, fatty liver disease due to alcohol or non-alcohol fatty liver disease are silent and do not produce any symptoms.
• It is advisable to diagnose them early because if left untreated this can result in permanent scarring (cirrhosis) of liver.
• Liver cirrhosis can cause life threatening complications like jaundice, bleeding, water accumulation in legs and abdomen and liver cancer.

C. Who should get their liver assessed even in the absence of symptoms?

All individuals with history of the following:
• Obesity, High Waist Hip ratio
• High Cholesterol, Triglyceride
• History of Fatty Liver.
• History of Alcohol intake.
• Previous history of Jaundice.
• Family history of Liver problems.
• Previous history of blood transfusion / tattoos / operation.

D. How is the liver health assessed?:

We use a combination of blood tests, sonography and fibroscan. The clinic is equipped with latest technology (Fibroscan) for early detection of liver disease even before any symptoms occur. Fibroscan is a simple bed side test, it is quick and easy to perform, and results are available instantly. This has replaced the need for painful liver biopsies in many patients.

         Mar 16th, 2016



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